Add-on Workflow Management

The smart application for the assignment of agents in workflow processes

What is the purpose of the application?

Work processes come to a standstill when employees leave the department or the company. Short-term absences, caused by vacation or illness, can also jeopardize existing work processes. Thanks to our application, the process manager is now able to automatically replace missing employees. In addition, he can completely redistribute work processes. This has the advantage that tasks are not left undone.


  • Employees who change companies or tasks can easily be replaced as agents in SAP NetWeaver Folders Management.
  • Changed responsibilities in the company are taken into account
  • Existing work items from the inbox are forwarded or reset without delay.

More features

  • Depending on the selection criteria, the exchange can take place in case attributes, process routes and "open" work items.
  • Restrictions to certain case types are possible
  • The tool allows mass maintenance for exchanging agents in process route steps and patterns
  • In conjunction with the CLC-PADD® Team add-on, changes to workflows within teams are possible
  • Tasks that have already been started can also be reassigned as work items.

Four steps to Exchange of employees in routes and case attributes