Change management for materials and parts lists

Efficient and clever parts list management in SAP

Material BOMs are valuable and helpful directories in SAP - not only in production, but also in development and logistics. Detailed material master data is the best basis for creating BOMs. However, if the BOMs for a product need to be adapted or changed, many companies lack a quick overview in their in-house SAP system.

The Planning and implementation of parts list changes are far-reaching changes in SAP. Changes to all items in the BOMs have far-reaching effects and should ideally be mapped by an approval workflow. For example, Team+ (CLC SAP add-on) can be used to define an authorized team that plans and implements the changes.

Carry out change processes in the CM cockpit

With the CLC xinteg solution, a quick overview can be generated in the in-house SAP system. For example, change processes in the SAP system can be fixed change number be linked. In a customer project carried out as part of a carve-out process, an additional Additional external tool for summarizing changes integrated: cEngis. This allows one or more cEngis numbers to be assigned to the change process in a separate cockpit.

Group and plant BOMs can also be modified. The application contains an explosion function for a material for the respective plant materials, so that changes can also be planned for specific plants only. In order to assess the effects of the change, a where-used list is integrated so that the affected assemblies of the 

and check the planned change. Once approval or initial release has been granted, the affected materials or workpieces are added to the CM cockpit, thereby defining the scope of the change that is to go through the approval process. Relevant advantage: A scope of change can be developed directly from the existing parts lists/usages without having to use external tools.

The solution also scores points with a clear document cockpit including a document viewer. Once the change has been approved, the bill of materials can be finally modified and the material status for the affected materials can be implemented.

The CLC xinteg solution for parts list changes

In one customer's direct SAP environment, for example, there was no suitable solution for BOM management that was integrated into the existing SCASE case management environment. In particular, the close integration with the integrated process planning IPP, the project record and PPAP were missing completely. Now an IPP case can be created directly from a change made in the ECM and linked to the ECM case so that it is always clear where a change originally came from. Thanks to the Integrable change management for materials and parts lists from CLC xinteg the basic functions of the large solution were redesigned on the KPN. Further advantages: The CLC solution is HANA-ready from the outset and offers a portable implementation. This means that the development can also be rolled out easily for further carve-outs.

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