Employer attractiveness in the Saarland

Employer attractiveness in the Saarland:
How the digital transformation contributes to the work-life balance

The digital transformation has picked up speed due to the Corona pandemic. Also in the Saarland. Already since September 2018, the Ministry of Economy, Labour, Energy and Transport with a support program to help Saarland companies get off to a "digital start".

Increasing productivity, optimising processes and improving product and service quality are cited as successes. Many events offer information on how Saarland SMEs can adapt to the changes in the market, especially the employer market. Terms such as "employee-centred corporate culture" or "authenticity" are increasingly found in "about us" texts and job advertisements.

Customer centricity or employee centricity?
Not either or, but both and.

"Digitalization" is a cross-cutting issue that affects all areas of life. The dynamic changes triggered by it and associated with it in the future are making their way everywhere - at work, at home, in leisure time. More than ever, the focus is now on people.

If you look at companies whose business model is based on digital services in the SAP environment and IT process consulting, the focus for their customers is on simplifying, standardizing and ultimately maximizing value creation. What is at the forefront for employees of business IT companies? Studies show that they value flexible working hours and locations. They want to work in a company that

family-friendly structures, where people communicate with each other in an appreciative manner, and where they find fulfilment in their work through active involvement. For many people, the job no longer comes first. Added value is in demand, not monetary benefits. Appreciation, recognition, transparent communication, a social working atmosphere, fairness and support for further development - these are far more than a "second" salary.

In the Saarland too?

Saarland is well on its way to further expanding its position as an IT state. Renowned research institutes, such as the CISPA Helmholtz Institute in Saarbrücken, the DFKI, Saarland University, the HTW - to name just a few - are accelerating the structural change in Saarland towards the "Saar Valley". Attractive jobs included? "Yes," says Christian Bach, managing director of CLC xinteg GmbH in Bexbach. "If future employers take to heart that purely monetary benefits have long since ceased to be sufficient to attract skilled workers.

Performance-based bonuses, company smartphone, continuing education and training opportunities, tax-free benefits and employer allowances - all this is normal at CLC xinteg. Flexible working hours, home office, taking on responsibilities, more vacation days than required by law, ergonomic workstations, health care, free drinks, snacks, recreational activities at work and our CLC Feelgood events too. We recognized early on how important it is to be open with each other, to stick together and to show consideration for one another," explains Christian Bach. "These are values that we live and communicate both internally and externally."

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