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Simplify SAP EH&S - secure, user-friendly and enterprise-wide

App-based solution for efficient management of study data and study reports in SAP

Simplify SAP EH&SHow efficient management of study data and reports in SAP ensures quality and saves time and costs. Using the ESIMS (Evonik Substance Information Management System) project as an example, Dr. Kai Blumbach, Head of Hazard & Risk Management at Evonik Operations GmbH (Nutrition & Care Division), and Cedric Schonard, an expert at CLC xinteg GmbH, describe the path from island landscapes to a secure, user-friendly, company-wide solution.

Today's companies work with intuitive business apps that support users in database maintenance and data management. On the way there, it is necessary to transfer historically grown and technologically obsolete isolated applications into future-proof systems.

Simplify SAP EH&

"Last but not least, the project was also a complete success from an economic point of view."

Dr. Kai Blumbach, Evonik Operations GmbH

Dr. Blumbach, what was the initial situation before you, together with CLC xinteg GmbH, set the course for ESIMS (Evonik Substance Information Management System)?

Evonik is committed to making life better, day after day. We naturally follow this motto within the Group as well. ESIMS was to be a future-proof SAP-integrated solution platform in which all safety-relevant data such as study reports, results, and metadata on substances can be stored and managed. And it should do so in a direct way. The isolated island landscapes that have existed up to now, with all their disadvantages, should be abolished and replaced by intelligent business apps. All safety-relevant data on substances should be able to be managed here across divisional boundaries.

What were the project steps in detail? And what results were you able to achieve, Mr. Schonard?

All relevant data from a wide variety of legacy databases was collected together with the EH&S experts of the Consilio GmbH into one platform, so that ESIMS is now connected to the SAP EH&S system as a modern application. With the help of the CLC-PADD® Solution Suite intelligent business apps have been installed in the EVONIK SAP system, which enable simple and efficient This enables interdisciplinary collaboration between scientists and toxicologists, such as creating and centrally managing studies securely, efficiently and quickly. Comprehensive authorization protection secures access for employees of individual divisions. This ensures compliance and security at all times.

Dr. Blumbach, how do you assess the newly created solution?

Simplify SAP EH&S: All relevant data is available in a user-friendly way as modern business apps.

First of all, I would like to praise all those involved in the project. Together, we have created an excellent solution in just two months. ESIMS is now a clear company-wide system into which data from various sources has been migrated and can be maintained in one central location using the same systematics. More precisely, the connection via CLC-PADD® to SAP EH&S allows us to further process all data with a direct interface without loss and quickly. This ensures our high quality standards and saves a lot of time. Our IT now only supports one tool, the SAP add-on CLC-PADD®, which reduces support costs to a maximum.

Sensitive, i.e. confidential, data such as studies, most of which also represent a high financial value for Evonik, used to be stored in tools that were sometimes "home-made. Today, they are stored in a security environment with SAP standard and cannot be accessed unprotected via external access points.

At a glance and across divisional boundaries, it is possible to see immediately which studies were conducted with which OECD guideline. Products or substances can be easily exchanged between divisions: We simply change their organizational assignment with one click and the substance "moves" to the new care. In the past, this would have meant lengthy handover discussions and slow document transfers. Now, we simply change a field and the substance gets a new owner.

What other positive insights do you take away from the joint project with CLC xinteg, Dr. Blumbach?

In a nutshell, island landscapes and silo thinking are history for Evonik. The trusting collaboration has brought us all much closer together across divisional boundaries. What has emerged is a common view of how we store data and metadata that belong to a study in a future-proof way. In addition, we now follow a 

Simplify SAP EH&S

clever way to further process our data. Last but not least, the project was also a complete success from an economic point of view. We are very satisfied with the new, user-friendly and in every respect secure ESIMS, and are already in the next projects with CLC xinteg, such as the replacement of an existing Oracle database for the registration of substances according to the REACH regulation.

Mr. Schonard, where is the journey heading in the course of the further cooperation with Evonik?

Now that our SAP add-on CLC-PADD® has been installed, further application scenarios and requirements can be implemented relatively quickly and within budget. Following the principle of "one tool - any process", we are currently implementing strategic applications that ensure and facilitate compliance with and tracking of the numerous legal requirements worldwide, for example REACH-UK, TSCA or KKDIK. With the introduction of a product file, we are also implementing a uniform source of information for product-related data and documents.

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