Energy supplier / utilities

The experience of today's CLC employees with SAP customers in the utilities industry goes back as far as 1999.

We have been familiar with SAP IS-U (= Industry Solution Utilities) for a long time. This makes us a reliable partner for utilities in all topics related to workflow-driven process automation and the management of documents in business processes.

You too can rely on our many years of experience from numerous customer projects:

  • SAP IS-U change of supplier (IDEX/GeLi/GPKE)
  • Optimization of delivery start processing, cross-divisional collection processing via parked documents
  • Automated printing of meter reading or self-reading cards, as well as workflow-based generation of welcome letters via correspondence
  • Workflow automation and modularization in WIM
  • Process-supported automation for meter reading monitoring and generation of budget billing plans
  • Implementation of front office processes in the CIC
  • Migration of switch documents and associated workflows as part of system harmonization
  • Complex and flexible clerk determination for process automation
  • Automation in the processing of house connections and new installations
  • Documentation of house connection projects in transaction-controlled house connection files
  • Commercial project files, customer and invoice files
  • Technical SAP project files for controlling and documenting network construction projects
  • Process-oriented award and procurement files
  • Dunning procedures and overpayment workflows in receivables management
  • Electronic invoice verification, scanning processes and document archiving
  • Cleanup of technical and commercial master data (asset, contract, etc.)
  • U.v.m.