CLC Customer Magazine 09/2021

CLC Customer Magazine 09/2021

Simplify your SAP® Business Processes

Our current CLC magazine is all about identifying opportunities and potential in a wide range of industries and making the most of them. For example, we present a solution that can be used to generate intuitive master data applications and to derive high-quality master data quickly and easily - read more about this in the focus article starting on page 12.

In addition, you will learn how efficient the use of a tool database is in manufacturing and how quality planning processes (APQP) can be successfully introduced. Furthermore, we will show how easy it is to bring data within SAP EH&S into a clear view and what options are available for mapping a legal file in SAP.

I hope you enjoy reading it.


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May 7, 2024

Webinar: Simplify Sustainability

Sustainability solutions from SAP usually seem too complex, too granular or too holistic for your own individual use case. But it can also be simple: In this webinar, CONSILIO and CLC show how you can keep an eye on master data, operational ERP processes and relevant certificates via a cockpit function in your sustainability initiative - and optimize your operational processes at the same time.

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