CLC Customer Magazine 09/2021

CLC Customer Magazine 09/2021

Simplify your SAP® Business Processes

Our current CLC magazine is all about identifying opportunities and potential in a wide range of industries and making the most of them. For example, we present a solution that can be used to generate intuitive master data applications and to derive high-quality master data quickly and easily - read more about this in the focus article starting on page 12.

In addition, you will learn how efficient the use of a tool database is in manufacturing and how quality planning processes (APQP) can be successfully introduced. Furthermore, we will show how easy it is to bring data within SAP EH&S into a clear view and what options are available for mapping a legal file in SAP.

I hope you enjoy reading it.


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22 - 23 March 2023

DSAG Technology Days 2023

The DSAG Technology Days 2023 will take place this year in Mannheim under the motto "Work in progress". Much in the SAP context is still a work in progress and not everyone knows where the technology journey will lead in the long term.

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