Social commitment 2020

Commitment to social projects in Saarland

It is important to us to support regional organizations with a donation. In 2020, this included the Tafel Saarbrücken e.V. and the "Wish Tree Action" project of the Child Protection Association Saarbrücken e.V.

Tafel Saarbrücken e.V.

The Table Saarbrücken is a non-profit association that passes on existing surplus to people in need. Around 135 people ensure that the surplus goods are distributed to those in need every day. In addition to the individual distribution, other social institutions are also supported. Since the Tafel Saarbrücken is financed exclusively by membership fees and donations, we are pleased to have made a contribution with our donation. We wish Mr. Uwe Bußmann and his team of voluntary supporters all the best!

Project "Wish Tree Action" of the Kinderschutzbund Ortsverband Saarbrücken e.V.

In addition to the Tafel Saarbrücken, children are also very close to our hearts. Here the Project "Wish Tree Action especially touched. The Kinderschutzbund Saarbrücken e.V. fulfils the heart's desires of children at Christmas. Children from children's homes or other social institutions can hang their heart's desires on a decorated Christmas tree every year. These are then fulfilled through donations. The children's wishes were varied in 2020 and we are very pleased that our donation was able to ensure that some of the children's wishes were fulfilled. A great campaign, in our opinion!

In the preceding year, we have Educational project "Tansaarnia - School Expansion in Komolo"which is also very close to our personal hearts, with a financial donation.

May 7, 2024

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