Social commitment 2021

Commitment to the Saar Initiative Auf! Momentum! 

"In addition to our daily commitment to our customers in the course of digitization, we are also happy to get involved socially and regionally. And what better way than to help Saarlanders here directly locally!" 

Saar Initiative Up! Momentum! 

We at CLC have specialized in business consulting and software development in the environment of Enterprise Content Management (ECM). As SAP experts from Saarland, we provide our customers and partners with state-of-the-art business apps and digital assistants to simplify their business processes.
Every day, we support medium-sized companies, global players, energy providers and the public sector in their dynamic steps in the course of digitalization. Due to the complexity of our customers, we were able to experience in some areas how hard and unconscionable the pandemic in the economy has struck, and this unfortunately with all the 

Up! Momentum! Saar Initiative, CLC xinteg 1st hour donors

Probably will continue to do so.

Some of our contacts were put on short-time working overnight, projects were put on hold or slowly stagnated. Projects that are indispensable for our customers and also for the entire German economy in the course of the digital transformation suddenly lay idle. When we talk about increasing productivity, optimizing business processes, and enhancing product and service quality, we are also talking about ensuring that German companies remain competitive on the international stage.

In contrast to many other companies in the SAP environment in the Saarland, we even grew disproportionately last year, which of course makes our employees very happy and grateful.

For this very reason, we are pleased to be socially and regionally involved in addition to our daily commitment to our customers in the course of digitalization. And what better way than to help Saarlanders directly at a local level!

In the previous year we Tafel Saarbrücken e. V. and the project "Wish Tree Campaign" of the Child Protection Association Saarbrücken e. V. with a monetary donation.

October 26 2023

Webinar: Fiori Interface for SAP NetWeaver Folders Management

In the webinar, you will learn how it is possible to configure Fiori apps based on SAP Folders Management.

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