Company with commitment & values

Company with commitment & values

In addition to assuming social responsibility for its employees, CLC xinteg also makes an annual commitment to social or charitable projects.

Chick coop Homburg & cold bus Saarbrücken


Once again this year, we would like to help make the world a little bit better. With this in mind, we are supporting the regional association in 2023 Kältebus Saarbrücken - Help for the homeless and people in need e.V. as well as Kükenkoje - Support association for premature babies and sick newborns Homburg e.V.

Association Solidarität Mnero e.V. 


In addition to the KINDER Not-Hilfe-SAAR e.V., in 2022 we will also be supporting the Association Solidarity Mnero e. V. in Tanzania. An initiative to improve health care in the hospital and the primary and secondary school in the small village of Mnero.

KINDER Not-Hilfe-SAAR e.V.


In 2022, we will support the regional initiative of the KINDER-Not-Hilfe-SAAR e. V. which, according to the motto "Children need our help", has several activities in store for children and young people.

Up! Momentum! - Support companies


In 2021, we will support the regional initiative Up! Swing!
This is an initiative in which companies are committed to and support the economy of the Saarland.

Social projects in Saarland


It is important to us to support regional social organizations with a donation. In 2020, this included the Tafel Saarbrücken e.V. and the "Wish Tree Action" project of the Child Protection Association Saarbrücken e.V.

TANSAARNIA - School extension in Komolo


In 2019, the CLC's educational project. "Tansaarnia - School Expansion in Komolo"which works for equal opportunities in Africa, with a financial donation.

Excellent family friendly


The compatibility of a happy family life with a qualified professional life, these are not empty words at CLC. CLC lives family friendliness!

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