Harmonious working atmosphere creates the best possible performance

How a harmonious working atmosphere can lead to balanced
Work-life balance

Harmonious working atmosphere creates the best possible performance

Child and career: either - or? CLC xinteg GmbH in Bexbach demonstrates that both are perfectly compatible. Because with the appropriate flexibility and support from the employer, family life and working life can be very well combined for the employees.
Tuesday morning, 7:15 a.m.: "Add two carrots for everyone," Katrin Remy asks her husband, who is in the process of filling the break boxes for the children. "We don't have a classic understanding of roles," says the mother of two elementary school students. "My husband and I have an equal marriage, share the care of the children and both work full-time."
It's no secret that there's more to a work-life balance for working mothers than "sharing the work" at home. "Employers who allow flexible working hours and have anchored family-friendliness in their corporate culture are unfortunately still far too rare. Even here in the Saarland," says the Head of Marketing & Sales at CLC xinteg GmbH in Bexbach, speaking from her own experience.
"Until now, I often had to decide: Do I want to be a mum or an employee. Balancing both was often almost impossible for me with previous employers. In my experience, in order to support working parents, it is most important to allow flexible working hours. I'm grateful to work here and confident that my employer has only advantages and no disadvantages by accommodating me."

A family-friendly corporate culture that suits everyone!
From her employer's perspective, it sounds like this: "At our company, the roles in the day-to-day business merge with each other for the common cause. We support each other, are friendly with each other and have fun moving forward together professionally, in the best possible sense for the company and the family."
A corporate culture that fits - also for Ralf Monstadt, Senior Manager Software Development and with CLC xinteg for seven years. "No one here rolled their eyes when I took parental leave and part-time parental leave to devote myself to my children. Taking 'paternity leave' is perfectly normal at CLC xinteg. Even for managers," explains the family man.

Overcome old role patterns and become a pioneer
Performance-related bonuses, company smartphone, further education and training offers, tax-free benefits and employer allowances - at CLC xinteg, such offers are completely normal for employees. Flexible working hours, home office, the assumption of responsibilities, more vacation days than required by law, ergonomic

Workplaces, health care, free drinks, snacks, workplace recreation and feelgood events too.
The CLC xinteg is still a "colourful dog" in the Saarland employer landscape with its people-centred corporate culture. And benefits from it. Because the trusting, open relationship between management and employees, in which creativity, ideas and innovations can flow, pays off for both the workforce and the company. Short-time work has never been an issue at CLC. On the contrary: acting with foresight, the successful business IT company stands for secure jobs and has even recorded an employee growth of more than 30 percent since the beginning of the Corona pandemic. In addition, further future CLC team members already have their signed contracts in the bag, including several trainees and ASW students from the field of business informatics who will start their professional careers at CLC xinteg. And about even more reinforcement at the company headquarters in Bexbach and throughout Germany, CLC xinteg is more pleased than ever.

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Excellent family-friendly: CLC xinteg receives seal of approval

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