Traceable and legally compliant hazardous substance management in SAP

Hazardous substance management in SAP

Optimally map the release of hazardous substances digitally

For many companies in the commercial sector or the public sector, a detailed and comprehensive Comprehensible and legally compliant hazardous substance management a regular task. However, this does not only come into play on site in the hall or workshop - all hazardous substances can also be mapped in the SAP system using rules, criteria and indicators. This also applies to Inclusion of new hazardous substances in the material master and their release.

Procurement, use in operation and Disposal of hazardous substances is always subject to a conscientious, detailed check. If new materials are to be included in the material master and therefore also in the SAP system that are labeled as hazardous substances, a check is required. The basis for this is above all the Creation of a catalog of criteriaon the basis of which in different test dimensions for example necessary certificates for the use of the substance can be checked. Also on the basis of predefined checklists checks whether each department or area that comes into contact with hazardous substances must take precautions. These processes are released and logged in detail. In addition to use in the "Handling" also storage regulations and special requirements and conditions for Shipping process to note.

Competence of the CLC experts

The CLC project with perspective

A leading global technology company in the optical and optoelectronic industry has already relied on the expertise of CLC xinteg experts in several projects. The focus on quality is firmly anchored in the company's values and is an elementary goal, which is also reflected in the mapping of important processes in the in-house SAP® environment. CLC xinteg was responsible for integrating the release of hazardous substances into the digital process. Implemented according to customer requirements in close cooperation with the company's key users and IT managers.

Implementation in practice

So that the Detailed planning and the Implementation of the authorization one new hazardous substance to be integrated efficiently, there are important sub-processes to go through that are important for the entire release process one Central importance have:

The creation and ongoing management of criteria catalogs including the necessary test dimensions

Always up-to-date certificates and document attributes

An assessment of hazardous substances according to a subject-specific checklist

Setting up a release workflow (can be implemented using a template with dynamic extension)

Possibility to contact the previous processor

Once a complete release has been made, the material master is created using the information already compiled

After the installation, the applicant receives automatic feedback

This ensures that all contents of the hazardous substance are completely transferred to the material master and that no identifiers or designations have been forgotten. The Criteria catalogs can be intelligently and simultaneously simple by those responsible in the companies customize, manage and extend. The approval process is subject to approval standards that can be managed and assigned on the basis of user authorizations.

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