SAP S/4HANA - Business Document Transition

Consulting Package: Business Document Transition

How to reliably transfer documents to S/4HANA

If you are about to reorganize existing processes, you should first get a clear overview of the type and scope of the business documents in the system.

Documents that were stored at your business objects are often deleted when you switch to S/4HANA overlooked. Even if you are critical to the business processes.

Start now with the analysis and preparations for the transfer of your business documents. This way you avoid risks during the implementation and benefit from the clear advantages of an analysis.

Advantages of an analysis

  • Unstructured and hard-to-find documents can be considered
  • Duplicates can be transferred in a meaningful way
  • Documents that were previously stored using the generic object services for business objects can be included.
  • Enormous system relief and high cost savings through the reduction of physically stored documents

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Consulting Package: Business Document Transition

This includes a CLC analysis:

Step one: Analysis of your business documents

Step two: Analysis of your physical storage locations

Step Three: Usage analysis of your documents

Step four: Modern Usability with the SAP Attachment Service for your Fiori Apps

Step Five: Your road map for a successful S/4HANA transition

Step 1: Analysis of your business documents

With our analysis tool we create comprehensive statistics about your business documents and answer relevant questions: 

  • How many documents are stored in the system at the central business objects?
  • What are the file sizes of these documents?
  • What are the central objects where the documents are stored?
  • What are the main asset categories used (ArchiveLink, Business Document Service, Business Communication Service, etc.)?
  • Can further statements about the document types be derived from the file names?
  • Are there key users who file the bulk of the documents?

After this initial analysis, we can target and optimize the storage of documents on your business objects. 

Step 2: Analyze your physical storage locations 

The comprehensive analysis of your documents also has a physical component that is often underestimated. In the second step, our experts analyze the storage locations implemented in your system and highlight the following aspects, among others: 

  • Where and in what form are your documents stored?
  • Are there files that are physically backed up to the database?

Subsequently, we provide you with a clear picture of the archive landscape and point out optimization potentials with which you can save costs and increase performance.  

Step 3: Usage analysis of your documents 

In the next step, we analyze the use of your business documents within the business processes. Because documents are often used several times in other places in your system, for example in SAP Folders Management. For this reason, we look at the other uses in digital files and processes and thus identify possible accumulations of duplicates.  

For a comprehensive analysis of your digital files we also offer our consulting package Digital Case Transition on. 

Step 4: Modern Usability with the SAP Attachment Service for your Fiori Apps 

In a further step, we look at the possible uses of the SAP Attachment Service. A service that ensures the management of business documents via Fiori Apps. Here, too, we will answer the following questions: 

  • In which of your apps is the service already used?
  • For which apps does it make sense to activate the Attachment Service for your processes?
  • Which storage repository is configured in your system?

To optimize compliance and usability, authorization aspects and a possible draft handling are also discussed. 

Step 5: Your road map for a successful S/4HANA transition 

Based on the previously performed analyses, we create an individual road map for the optimal use of your documents in S/4HANA. In addition, you will receive clear recommendations on how to achieve visible success with few resources.  

For your conversion to S/4HANA, we also outline the various options for migrating or archiving your business documents.  

Everything you need to do for the analysis

  • Provide access to your system
  • Importing the CLC PADD® GOS+ analysis tool into your system

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