lead to cash process

Solutions around the Lead to Cash process

The process, which is critical to the company's success, involves the departments of marketing, sales, product development, delivery, finance and procurement. The process ranges from a prospect's intent to purchase a product to the actual sale and accompanying revenue.

The process steps can be mapped with functions within an SAP system that are based on best practices and common scenarios. The functions can be adapted to specific requirements or 

expand accordingly. Here the CLC experts support with the concrete requirement solutions, whether with existing "home remedies", Add-ons or new Product enhancements

The most important questions and answers on the subject

1. why companies benefit from digitally mapping the lead to cash process?
The digitalization of the process within the value chain ensures full transparency and control of all relevant sub-processes. This makes it possible to realistically assess the efficiency of individual activities and forecasts and to make well-founded, business-critical decisions.

2. what disadvantages arise if the complex process is not fully digitally mapped?
Manually managed sub-processes that are not digitally mapped within the overall process prevent quick and easy process configuration and changes during operation. Complete control of business-critical processes is therefore not possible and the agility required on the market is not given.

Advantages of a digital lead to cash process at a glance

  • Complete transparency
    One source of information ensures full transparency and control of all relevant business processes, resulting in efficiency gains and significant cost savings.
  • Control during operation
    Necessary process configurations and changes during operation can be made quickly and easily, with appropriate control.
  • Amarketability
    The agility required in the market can be ensured through complete control of business-critical processes.
  • Optimal access to process-relevant information
    A completely systemically mapped process ensures that all process-relevant information is available to all process participants. Duplicate data and inconsistent document versions are also avoided.

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