Total Workforce Management

Solutions for Total Workforce Management

Total Workforce Management serves as a superordinate personnel planning instrument and offers the possibility of qualitative and quantitative personnel planning of own and external resources.

Systemic recording within an SAP system enables companies to utilize qualitative and quantitative elements and thus to strategically plan and control resources by means of SAP process maps. Corresponding process steps can already be implemented within an

SAP system with standard tools; in addition, company-specific requirements can be implemented by means of individual developments. Here the CLC experts support with the concrete requirement solutions, whether with existing "home remedies", Add-ons or new Product enhancements

The most important questions and answers on the subject

1. why is a systemic view almost indispensable in personnel management?
Only a holistic view of human resources management can increase efficiency and thus make companies competitive. A view of individual components is no longer sufficient to be able to make sound strategic decisions. The increasing shortage of skilled workers and the ever-increasing technology and skill requirements make the situation even more difficult.

2. what disadvantages arise if personnel planning processes are not fully digitally mapped?
If processes are managed manually and are not digitally mapped within the overall process, it is hardly possible for decision-makers to compare operational planning with strategic planning and to readjust accordingly.

Advantages of digitization in the course of total workforce management

  • More efficient personnel processes
    By automating important personnel planning processes, workflows can be presented much more effectively, resulting in significant resource savings and the associated cost savings.
  • More efficient cost monitoring
    Systemic mapping enables efficient cost monitoring. For example, by creating intelligent schedules and controlling overtime, enormous cost savings can be achieved.
  • Optimal access to process-relevant information
    A completely systemically mapped process ensures that all process-relevant information is available to all process participants. Duplicate data and inconsistent document versions are also avoided.
  • Strategic planning
    A systemic presentation enables those responsible to make well-founded decisions and, if necessary, to readjust them in line with the market.

LSolution examples for the process steps

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