SAP add-ons

Based on our project experience, we have developed useful SAP add-ons. These make your day-to-day work easier. Our add-ons are easy and quick to integrate and can be additionally adapted by us to the needs of your company.

  • CLC-PADD® Workflow Management
    Convenient exchange of agents in workflow processes
  • CLC-PADD® Office Integration
    The ideal connection of the Office world with SAP
  • CLC-PADD® Document Viewer
    Check or browse documents in SAP, quickly and easily
  • CLC-PADD® Cockpits
    Simple user interfaces for tabular editing of data, as well as interactive navigation to related SAP transactions
  • CLC-PADD® Process Engine
    Queue processing for controlling, stabilizing and monitoring (background) processes
  • CLC-PADD® Dynamic path generation
    Automatic generation of workflow processes on the basis of customer-specific sets of rules
  • CLC-PADD® Team
  • ... and many more ...

Our add-ons make your everyday work easier.