CLC-PADD® Purchasing+

CLC-PADD® Purchasing+

Controlling complex procurement processes? No problem!

With CLC-PADD Purchasing+, you have complete transparency over your purchasing process: from the bidding phase to the selection process to the order placement and invoice verification, you always have an all-round overview.

  • Control of complex procurement processes, such as the procurement of construction and services or production machinery
  • Mapping of all phases of the procurement process: from the bidding phase and the selection process to contract award and invoice verification
  • Transparency and overview of procurement status
  • Central management of the procurement process Data, documents and files (Office documents, PDFs, e-mails, etc.)
  • Information of involved persons (e.g. award recommendation) about definable workflow
  • Complete SAP integration:
    - Direct jump options to SAP business objects (e.g. BANF, purchase order, material, etc.)
    - Automated creation of the record incl. linking and reading of attributes (runtime attributes)
  • Supplier cockpit with additional features - already included in the standard:
    - Support with vendor selection 
    - Access to data from the SAP supplier master (e.g. company name, e-mail address, etc.)
    - Standardization of communication via e-mail functionalities and templates
    - Logging of sent e-mails
    - Deadline monitoring (e.g. bid deadline)
    - Management contact person of the customer

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