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Easy creation of web business apps with CLC-PADD® S Suite+

The efficient web application CLC-PADD® S Suite+ is based on the SAP Fiori Standard and can be adapted easily and quickly by pure configuration and without programming. With the help of this app, it is possible to access and edit all use cases within your company via the web browser.


With the large "SAP Lego construction kit" you are perfectly prepared for your work - because it offers countless applications, transactions and data. But the "standard processes" defined by SAP are not always easy to follow. System users often struggle with confusing and overflowing data masks. An individual adaptation of the processes and masks is usually only possible with expensive additional developments.

With CLC-PADD® Suite S+, however, optimal business processes can be implemented quickly and easily on an SAP basis.. So you simply create your individual solution yourself - exactly as you need it at the moment. The CLC-PADD® S Suite+ is available on desktop, tablet (iOS, Android, Windows) and mobile phone (iOS, Android).

All advantages on an View

  • Comfortable, intuitive user interface
  • No programming knowledge necessary
  • Device-independent configurations possible - usable on any end device
  • Design of a modern application with high usability
  • Low support effort due to intuitive operation

Examples for the successful use of S Suite+

"Application processes - from paper application to dynamic web application".
Simplify SAP EH&S: All product data at a glance with the CLC-PADD® "Product File" tool

The most important questions and answers about the scope of services

1. how flexible am I with the creation of applications?
Technically, there are no limits - no matter which process you want to map with S Suite+. You can develop form queries just as you can map application processes. In addition to the modern interface, the user thus has exactly those functions at his disposal that make his daily work easier.

2. can I design the application myself?
Yes, without programming knowledge you can easily create a full-fledged application - which is intuitive to use and free from the design. This is made possible by the simple configuration.

3. am I independent of SAP with my application?
You can work autonomously with your application, the connection to SAP takes place independently in the background.

Web App Components

Based on our project experience we have developed useful SAP add-ons developed. These make your day-to-day work easier and can be combined with modern Fiori apps.

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