CLC Customer Magazine

CLC Customer Magazine

Issue 10/2020

The CLC customer magazine offers practical reports, expert contributions as well as interesting information about digitisation with SAP® and CLC-PADD®. Enjoy reading!

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CLC Customer Magazine 10/2020

Dear Reader,

The year 2020 has suddenly brought with it many unforeseen challenges. Until the beginning of spring, it was hardly possible to foresee the restrictions that would be imposed on us at a global level. The change in our own way of life and the entire world of work resulted in such massive cuts that a reassortment of all concerns became necessary.

On the corporate side, too, employers were confronted with completely different working conditions, and a great deal of uncertainty spread throughout Germany. Cautious forecasts about economic effects also brought another bitter aftertaste. However, there were also positive aspects to the "Corona period", even if we humans are rather conditioned to pay attention to the negative changes. Digitalization, for example, was suddenly able to show itself from its best side.

We were able to implement our plan to develop our own magazine despite these turbulent times. Our first issue deals with the change and a forward-looking digitalization of existing corporate processes, as well as the challenges this poses for those responsible.
For example, there are our efficient SAP solutions that enable organizations to convert paper applications to digital app-based application processes, which can also be made available to all necessary users, system-independently, and without any IT-heavy development effort at all - you can read more about this in the focus article starting on page 8.

In this issue, you will also learn about the challenges involved in replacing legacy databases using the example of Lotus Notes, the advantages of intelligent supplier management, and which SAP standard functionalities can already support quality management "out of the box".

I hope you enjoy reading it.
Your Christian Bach
Managing Director, CLC xinteg GmbH

The topics of the current issue

Intelligent supplier management

Intelligent supplier management mapped directly in the ERP can considerably ease the workload of the specialist departments.

Replacement of legacy databases

By replacing legacy databases, many advantages can be achieved for companies and their departments.

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