Efficient control of material processes in SAP

Efficient control of material processes in SAP

Material master data are very important data records in SAP, which have far-reaching influence on various processes and departments that depend on the correctness and completeness of this material master data. If the material master data is incomplete or incorrectly maintained, this has an impact on procurement, production and also logistics processes. At the same time, master data management can be efficiently mapped using well thought-out approval processes.

Through the Importance of the material master data it is not surprising that companies attach particular importance to mapping this data securely, transparently and in a way that can be traced at any time. Both the Material plant, the Material change as well as the Material deletion are very important material processes that take place in the

Ideally, this should be mapped by a transparent and controlled "approval material circulation" in SAP.

Implementation of an approval workflow in the material process by CLC xinteg

In a customer project commissioned by an energy supplier, the CLC xinteg SAP experts realized the customer's wish to sustainably manage material processes with modern Fiori apps. and manage them efficiently. The customer's wish was to have a central office for requesting and creating materials including logging should be implemented. Furthermore, a Workflow for the various instances of approval and installation be integrated into SAP. 

Material master data management in practice

Such a "Approval Material Circulation" into the in-house SAP environment offers equal opportunities in practice. several advantages, which have a positive effect on everyday work with material master data. For process control, the material request can be used and, after approval by all parties involved

  • the Material master automatic created,
  • For changes Automatically adjusted or extended by views as well as
  • at the Deletion in the material master automatically a Deletion flag set.

The approval workflow and the associated "authorization instances" ensure that unwanted changes cannot be made to the material master without further control. In addition, the process saves valuable time thanks to the existing automation options.

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