Migration of a chemical product specification file to SAP EH&S

Migration of a chemical product specification file to SAP EH&S

CLC experts are currently assisting a world-leading specialty chemicals company with the Replacement of productive Lotus Notes databases. Within these databases, study reports related to chemical substances are posted, managed and released on a workflow basis.

Within the company, the decision was made to no longer use the Lotus Notes applications. Thus, the urgent need arose, to provide a future-oriented application with which the sensitive "document-based" business processes can be continued seamlessly. A long-needed optimization of user-friendliness was also to be ensured through modern, role-based apps. In addition to the connection to the EH&S module, the focus was on authorization control, automated continuation of study naming, and the ability to create, search, and display toxicology reports.

With the CLC tools - in the approach as well as in the field-tested tools - it is possible to bring all data and information into one view. A view that, in the specific case of the product specification file, displays everything that the user needs on a workflow basis and to which he has authorization. This means that no additional effort is required for data maintenance. In addition, thanks to the CLC-PADD® S Suite+ a modern, clear and web-based application can be generated, based on the SAP Fiori standard.

A realization that not only Consilio GmbH - our partner for integration solutions in the process industry.

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May 7, 2024

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