SAP-integrated material and project management

SAP-integrated material and project management in the precision mechanics and optics industry

The project for a global company in the precision mechanics and optics industry, which started as a replacement for an isolated web application, has now been taken to the next level thanks to the SAP add-on CLC-PADD®. In the current development sprint, the project teams succeeded in once again turning the transparency, process, and usability screws.


Based on CLC-PADD®, use cases from existing legacy databases were integrated into SAP. A corporate decision to stop using Lotus Notes and thus also the application and to map the processes and documents in an SAP-integrated manner is intended to make the entire process more efficient and user-friendly.

In addition to the process being completely mapped within one system, the customer also benefits from centrally archivable data storage, intelligent search functions and role-based logic for workflow, authorizations and responsibilities. In addition, the

From Practice: "Never change a running system?" No way!

user-friendliness for all process participants. The replacement of this isolated application also completely eliminates the need for complex interfaces and the support of an isolated solution.

In the course of the current further development, processes were significantly streamlined and functionalities were added. In addition to the rollout of the application at further locations, additional business units were also connected in a user-friendly manner.  

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