Sailing trip instead of short-time work at CLC xinteg

Those who do good work must be rewarded: Sailing on the IJsselmeer

CLC Feel Good Event 2021

CLC xinteg in the Saarpfalz Park in Bexbach is still a "colourful dog" in the Saarland employer landscape with its people-centred corporate culture. And profits from it. Because the trusting, open relationship between management and employees, in which creativity, ideas and innovations can flow, pays off for both the workforce and the company.

Employee growth of more than 30 percent
Short-time work was never an issue at CLC. On the contrary: acting with foresight, the successful business IT company stands for secure jobs and has even recorded an employee growth of more than 30 percent since the beginning of the Corona pandemic. The CLC xinteg management team is well aware of what each employee contributes to CLC. And true to the motto: If you do a good job, you should also be rewarded, a sailing trip on the IJsselmeer (NL) took place this September for all employees.

The CLC Feel Good Event 2021
The CLC crew set sail on the two-masted clipper Gaia in fantastic sunshine and showed what real sailing is all about.

Pros: Your advantages as an employee at CLC

Teamwork is. There was also time for relaxation, good food and drinks, and swimming. At the end of the three-day trip, everyone agrees that it was a wonderful time together for the CLC team.
And we look forward to welcoming more crew members on board.

Strong types wanted (m/f/d)

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Your advantages as an employee at CLC

Excellent family-friendly: CLC xinteg receives seal of approval

May 7, 2024

Webinar: Simplify Sustainability

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