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Simplify sustainability

Sustainability as an opportunity for innovation

Solution from the experts at CONSILIO GmbH and CLC xinteg GmbH

The increasing global demand from consumers and companies for sustainable products and a large number of regulatory requirements are also calling for companies to make corresponding sustainable changes. SAP has also responded to the increasing global requirements and developed sustainability solutions for companies. In line with the motto "Creating a sustainable world. Together. "*, SAP's sustainability solutions can be used to collect sustainability data, create reports and take action. Although SAP solutions offer many advantages, there are also disadvantages. They are often too complex, too granular or too holistic for their own individual use case and are not flexible or adaptable enough. It is important to define the requirements precisely in advance and to check which solution offers the right sustainability solution for which use case.

This is exactly what the experts at CONSILIO GmbH and CLC xinteg GmbH have done and developed a simple and pragmatic solution for its customers based on practical experiencefor whom the SAP solution architecture is too complex for their use cases. CLC-PADD® Simplify Sustainability+, a CONSILIO-CLC solution, 

offers, for example, a simple and automated option for calculating the CO2 footprint - and this is scalable: with measured values, material-based standard values, supplier and external data as well as the basis for an optimal configuration already in procurement! The solution is seamlessly integrated into SAP and makes it possible to integrate data and documents from various "dimensions of sustainability" into operational processes. There is also the technical option of using the "Integrated Sustainability Sync APP" to connect a large number of external carbon accounting applications and social responsibility rating tools.


The solution in detail

Simplify Sustainability+

Simplify Sustainability+ is a SAP Add-Onwhich can be seamlessly integrated into existing SAP systems - regardless of whether it is an S/4HANA or an ECC system. The solution obtains the required data and documents either directly from the system or from the ERP or from external sources and bundles them in a product file. With this solution

significantly increases the transparency and clarity of product information in the SAP system. The product file thus becomes a single source of truth when it comes to mapping a 360° view of a product, a material, the product structure or an assembly over the product lifecycle. A comprehensive overview of various dimensions of the product lifecycle is also possible. Various integration scenarios make it easy to connect the CLC-PADD® Simplify Sustainability+ application to external data sources. The onboard Sync-APIS processes common standards such as REST, https or WebDAV. For example, external footprint databases, certificates, supplier portals or BOMs from non-SAP PLM can be integrated. This makes it possible to see where a product and its components come from, how they are put together and how sustainable they are with just a few clicks.


Simplify Sustainability+

The solution also offers a wide range of services for future challenges. For example, the digital product file is already prepared for possible additional certificates and checklists, such as proof of environmental, safety, human rights and occupational safety (CSR criteria). This means that the Requirements of the Supply Chain Due Diligence Act (LkSG) can be mapped. 

The Flexibly customizable footprint management also makes it possible to transfer data from suppliers as well as standard values from external databases into the system via different integration paths, which also takes into account the current volatility of the target architecture.

The Data Acquisition Layer offers the option of generating data via a separate supplier portal (e.g. SAP BTP). If manufacturers do not want suppliers to access their system, it is also possible to import data, e.g. via Adobe forms or e-mail integration. This data can then be used to calculate and output the footprint in a compliant manner.

Dashboards for every area of application

A major advantage of CLC-PADD® Simplify Sustainability+ is its Scalability. This means that sustainability reporting can be as complex as required, depending on the product, portfolio or architecture of a company's supply chain. In order to be equipped for all cases, the solution offers a configurable BOM cockpit that maps the various views of the product structure (PLM, sales, etc.) with version management. This makes it comparatively easy to display or calculate a realistic CO2 footprint directly from the planned project or current sales BOM.

In addition, the reporting layer (CLCPADD®) offers list reporting, integrated analytics (graphical analysis with drill-down into product groups, products, etc.) and an O-Data interface for Power BI or SAP BI. This allows, for example, with just a few clicks a CO2 certificate for a product or an assembly. To control processes, workflows can be linked to the dashboards, which can be used, for example, to implement a process to optimize the CO2 footprint.


With CLC-PADD® Simplify Sustainability+, the SAP specialists CONSILIO and CLC offers an efficient and clear sustainability solution that significantly reduces the effort required to introduce and operate it for companiesIt can be adapted to a wide range of requirements and at the same time fulfill the EU taxonomy with regard to sustainability. By linking footprint values, parts lists and supply chain data, the solution not only provides an overview of the dimensions of sustainability but also enables efficient integration of ERP data and processes.

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