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Dynamische Webapplikation in SAP

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Datenbank Migration

Migration aus Alt-Datenbanken in das führende SAP-System

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CLC Kundenmagazin – Ausgabe 3

Neues CLC Magazin zum Thema Digitalisierung: u.a. zukunftsfähigen Lösungen für den Energiesektor

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Büroprozesse digitalisieren

Die Herausforderungen der Energiewirtschaft wachsen, somit auch die Frage nach skalierbaren Lösungen

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Simplified customer document management

Thanks to CLC-PADD®, it was possible to revise customer documents even without SAP access

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APQP: Quality planning process in supplier management

Important supplier management processes have been standardized worldwide and made user-friendly.

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Efficient tool management in production

A tool database integrated in SAP enables an evaluation of the tool inventory,...

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CLC-PADD® Energy+

Solutions to simplify the digital transformation in the energy sector

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Webinar: Chemistry & Hazardous Substance Management in SAP

How can products, studies or specifications be easily merged in an SAP system?

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Webinar: Digitally mapping the inquiry process for EEG generation plants

Find out how your grid connection applications can be simplified and accelerated.

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