Social commitment 2022

CLC xinteg supports social projects

We are pleased to support social organizations with a donation again this year. In 2022, this includes the KINDER Not-Hilfe-Saar e.V. and the project "Solidarity Mnero in Tanzania" of the association Solidarity Mnero e.V.

KINDER Not-Hilfe-SAAR e.V.

The KINDER Not-Hilfe-Saar e.V. is a non-profit association that offers several activities for children and young people under the motto "Children need our help". For example, financial support for families in emergency situations, assumption of therapy costs and help with the procurement of everyday items for children. The annual gift tree campaign takes place for children of the Vinzenz-Pallotti-Haus, Hirzbachhof and the Tafeln Lebach and Eppelborn from the 1st Advent in the Lebach and Eppelborn branches of levoBank. A great action, we think!

Children are especially close to our hearts. We are happy to have made a contribution with our donation!

Association Solidarity Mnero e.V. 

In addition to the support in Germany, the Solidarity Mnero in Tanzania" project also particularly touched. 6000 people live in the village of Mnero in the Lindi region of southeastern Tanzania (one of the least developed countries in the world). Built in 1951 by Benedictine missionaries, the bush hospital in Mnero is for more than 100,000 people the only access to modern medicine. Today, the hospital employs more than 600 people. The association Solidarity Mnero e.V. has been supporting the village of Mnero since 1994, primarily ensuring health care in the hospital. Goals include improving the local health-related infrastructure and the standard of education through support in the area of schools. To this end, the association supports the primary and secondary schools in Mnero, for example by purchasing teaching materials. With the support of donations, the association has so far succeeded in achieving many of its goals. 

Here, too, we are pleased to have made a contribution with our donation! 

In the previous year, we supported the Saarland project "Saar Initiative Up! Momentum!" with a monetary donation.

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