Standardization and digitalization of procurement processes

Global standardization and digitalization of procurement processes

With the global standardization and digitalization of procurement processes at an automotive supplier group, CLC consultants and developers played a key role in a groundbreaking project.

The customer, a leading global automotive supplier in drive and chassis technology, was awarded the "Excellence in eSolutions" prize by the German Association of Materials Management, Purchasing and Logistics (BME). (BME) in recognition of this achievement. The award-winning solution offers a Consistent and complete networking of procurement processes on a central platform with worldwide availability. The process and system solution not only brings concrete efficiency gains to purchasing, but also 

can be easily transferred to other companies that want to standardize and digitalize their procurement processes. 

The system manages award cases in the five-digit range worldwide and a spend in the double-digit millions. According to the customer, the process cost and bundling advantages result in a Return on investment of just under three years.

The implementation of an analysis tool ensures transparency of all process steps, from the demand to the supplier selection, the request for proposal to the award / placement of order. This results in a reduction of the process cycle time by 50% and also ensures compliance with the requirements through complete documentation of the award processes.

Further implementations and enhancements are planned and are currently being implemented.

May 16, 2023

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