CLC Customer Magazine - Issue 4

In our latest CLC Magazine, we would like to show examples of how companies from a wide range of industries are facing up to the challenges of digital transformation.

January 30, 2024

EEG request processes in the SAP system

CLC xinteg implemented an SAP add-on for a large grid operator in the Saarland region of Germany that eliminates the manual administrative effort previously required and maps all requests for EEG generation plants in the in-house SAP system in a forward-looking manner. In addition to managing the flood of applications, this also makes it possible to comply with legal requirements.

05 September 2023
Reading time: 3 minutes

DSAG Annual Congress 2023
19 - 21 September 2023
Bremen fair

The DSAG Annual Congress is an important meeting place for SAP user companies in German-speaking countries and offers a platform for orientation, exchange of experience and networking. Our CLC experts will be there for you at the DSAG Annual Congress again this year! Make an appointment with us now. We look forward to seeing you!

August 24, 2023

Simplification and acceleration of grid connection requests

The completely digital mapping of the EEG request minimizes errors, significantly reduces the time required, and ensures complete traceability. The complete new plant process, which usually follows an EEG realignment, can also be started and realized from the EEG inquiry to generate the IS-U master data object "plant" by using the data already available as a basis for it.

16 June 2023
Reading time: 6 minutes

Multi-BOM: Compare multiple BOMs securely and completely with each other

Since up to now a maximum of two BOMs can be compared with each other in the SAP standard, but this is often not sufficient in practice, CLC xinteg developed a solution in a customer project: With Multi BOM Comparison, a BOM comparison can be carried out with several BOMs - and this over the complete depth of content.

May 12, 2023
Reading time: 3 minutes

Digitize office processes

The challenges facing the energy industry are constantly growing. Challenges that make progressive digitization indispensable. Scalable solutions that are future-proof and can be implemented at a calculable cost are particularly in demand.

February 17, 2023
Reading time: 2 minutes

SAP legal file

The Mainzer Stadtwerke (MSW) uses the SAP add-on CLC-PADD® Legal+ to manage its complete legally relevant information and documents in an SAP legal file - all using state-of-the-art apps based on the SAP Fiori standard. Previously, a database solution was used that required a ...

07 September 2021
Reading time: 6 minutes

The digital application process

Digitally mapped application processes are becoming increasingly important not only in public administration. Companies are also looking more and more specifically for a support option for general data entry. The importance of linking the application processes with a direct connection to the in-house SAP system and thus also centrally mapping the further processing of the recorded data is becoming all the greater.

12 January 2021
Reading time: 7 minutes
March 7, 2024

Webinar: Fiori Interface for SAP NetWeaver Folders Management

In the webinar, you will learn how it is possible to configure Fiori apps based on SAP Folders Management.

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