Drive your SAP® Business Processes!
Unification of applications, data and documents

The large "SAP Lego construction kit" offers countless applications, transactions and data. But often the "standard processes" designed by SAP are not always the optimal processes for companies. System users often struggle with confusing and overcrowded data masks. An individual adaptation of the processes and masks is usually only possible with expensive additional developments.

With CLC-PADD® these additional developments can now be avoided and optimal business processes can be realised on SAP basis. Assemble your individual solution yourself!

CLC-PADD® contains applications, data and documents

CLC- PADD® at a glance

  • Flexible "plugging together" of any applications, transactions and functions
  • Selection of any data objects and their fields (sales order, sales master, production order, material master, etc.)
  • Integration of documents into the business process
  • Ad-hoc workflow control
  • Reporting
  • Convenient user interface

Learn how easy it is to use CLC-PADD® Solutions processes more efficiently.

CLC-PADD® comprises numerous modules