Programming templates

CLC-PADD® DX: Flexible ABAP programming templates for your SAP system

What exactly is CLC-PADD® DX?

  • A framework to design applications flexibly via customizing
  • Based on a central class model
  • Storage of classes and parameters for specific keys 
  • User uses framework by having instances created as needed

What are the benefits of CLC-PADD® DX?

The main advantage is the flexible extensibility of the functions and customizing through inheritance and delegation mechanisms. Thus, the user benefits from a uniform programming model, which facilitates and accelerates project development. The quality of project development is improved.

What does CLC-PADD® DX include?

CLC Padd-dx
  • The framework itself as a class factory
  • The Process Engine, a queue processing for controlling and monitoring (background) processes
  • CLC error handling with many useful functions - based on SAP standard error handling
  • CLC message handling based on the SAP Application Log - messages are collected over the entire course of the process with the option of structured output and / or storage.

All CLC-PADD® products are based on the central class model defined in the framework. This allows the CLC products to be extended by customer-specific developments. Our tried and tested tools support this.