SAP S/4HANA - Digital Case Transition

Consulting Package: Digital Case Transition

This is how digital processes can be reliably transferred to S/4HANA in line with the times

SAP Folders Management is a standard solution for digital file management and case processing. It is often used for the consolidation, administration, and workflow-based processing of facts for a business process. As a license-free module, Folders Management is available in S/4HANA will continue to be available with full functionality. 

Benefit now from the many years of experience of our experts in the field of SAP Folders Management, with the help of our consulting package Digital Case Transition

This is why you must not lose sight of SAP Folders Management

  • SAP Folders Management is often used for important core business processes.
  • Sensitive documents in your company are often digitally archived via SAP Folders Management and must be taken into account during the SAP S/4HANA transition.
  • To take full advantage of the new user experience of SAP S/4HANA, it makes sense to also make your SAP Folders Management processes available to users as modern apps. We offer for this the solution!

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Consulting Package: Digital Case Transition - SAP S/4HANA

This includes a CLC analysis:

Step 1: Analysis of your digital processes 

Step two: Better Usability with CLC PADD® 

Step Three: Demonstrator - App in a Day

Step four: Create a Road Map for your S/4 Hana Transition

Step 1: Analysis of your digital processes 

We analyze your digital processes and answer the following relevant questions: 

  • How many and which files, cases and Folders Management documents exist in your system?
  • Where are the Folders Management documents physically stored? If they are stored in the database, this generates high costs and a heavy system load.
  • Are there specific enhancements, validations and authorization checks in your system and is your Z-Coding S/4HANA Ready in this area?
  • Which optimization potentials are there? Are there no validations via foreign key relationships?
  • Are your transactions linked via the integration of business objects in your central business processes?

For a comprehensive analysis of your business documents we also offer our consulting package Business Document Transition on. 

Step 2: Better Usability with CLC PADD® 

We show you with the help of examples in your system how to optimize the usability of your processes with simple tools:

  • Clear display of attributes
  • Integration in business objects with the CLC Business Connector
  • Mail integration with freely configurable text templates
  • Automatic routes
  • Dynamic display titles

Step 3: Demonstrator - App in a Day  

Using an example selected by you in your system, we will show you how you can quickly create a digital process as a modern Fiori App in your launchpad. In addition, we provide you with suggestions on how you can operate your digital files in a user-friendly manner on the basis of SAP UI5 on any end device.

From Practice: Examples for the successful use of a Fiori App

Step 4: Create a Road Map for Your S/4 Hana Transition 

Based on the previously conducted analyses and pilot scenarios, we create your individual road map for optimal use of your digital files in S/4HANA. We also provide you with clear recommendations for action. We will also show you how to achieve visible success with just a few resources. For your conversion to S/4HANA, we will outline different options for migrating or archiving your processes, files and documents.

Everything you need to do for the analysis

  • Provide access to your system
  • Importing CLC PADD transports into your system
  • Provide 1 - 2 development users

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