Dual study program Business Information Systems (B. A.)

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Dual studies in business informatics

Your unique career start with afterburner: Dual studies in business informatics in cooperation with the Academy of Saar Economy (ASW)

Are you ready to start a dual study program in business informatics at CLC xinteg GmbH?

Hey, you! Yes, you! You, smart, enormously talented person, you would really fit very well with us in the team! Surely you found this job ad because you were looking for a dual studies in the field of business informatics right? Then you should definitely read through this "Ready for Takeoff" flyer before you run out to the runway and simply on any plane get in.

Just imagine if, during your studies, you didn't have to worry at all about where the money for your IT career was coming from. You work in a team that not only supports you, but also accelerates your skills to the speed of sound. Yet, for your safety, they still have your back with a safety net and parachute at all times. Even Tom Cruise couldn't deny that we easily rival any Top Gun pilot in terms of cohesion, competence and focus.

Speaking of focus. So that you know right at the beginning what this is all about, here's our suggestion:

You make a good deal, we deliver you an awesome job.

Deal? Still interested? Then learn the next chapter, student pilot.

You want to know why you should come to us?

Okay, we admit: There are some employers where you can apply for a dual study program. But these are just employers where you can apply for a dual study program. CLC is much more than that: We are the SAP developer creative-fun-at-work family. No extra benefits for us, but already included in the standard: A whole hangar of Advantages for all our employees.

And our daily work routine is not only varied, but also enormously exciting. To our Customers include not only medium-sized companies, but also major global corporations. So every day we have the opportunity to make a big difference - believe me, there's a lot happening here that you would never have heard of without a job at CLC. Our customers are great. So are our employees.

How does the dual study program with CLC and ASW work?

While you dive into the practical depths with us, you learn the theory at our partner university. ASW. There, during the block phases, you concentrate on proving the practical with theoretical basics as well. The Akademie der Saarwirtschaft has been our partner for many years. Together we want to develop your potential and write your personal success story. Our claim: Continuing education at an excellent level.

You know your way around your cockpit?

  • You not only have a great interest in IT, technology and business, but also know how to convince us of it?
  • We are amazed by your proactive thinking, your ability to work in a team and your self-motivated actions?
  • You not only enjoy planning and organizing, but also implement your ideas accordingly?
  • You have a good school degree, even if it wasn't enough for flight training?
  • You are a natural PC user and Excel is not just the first name of the Guns'n'Roses singer for you?
  • You know what you want. Or what you don't want. We are open to you! Even if you don't want to stay in your current full-time student plane.

Then let us be your co-pilot.

We can also offer you a few things that will not only make your day-to-day work easier, but will make your job with us the one you never want to give up:

  • The Working atmosphere is really terrific here. Whether you work in the office or are a remote-hybrid-only-off-site workhorse.
  • With us, you only earn overtime if you really get stuck into your job. For that you get lots of practical and project experience, that can really show up on a resume.
  • Our Team events are more memorable than Super Bowl appearances by world stars or World Cup soccer parties when Germany becomes world champion.
  • Free drinks, fruit basket and regular running meetings are benefitswhich are a matter of course for us.

Up for it? Then get in and buckle up.

Don't worry: Our runway is much longer than that of the aircraft carrier. You prefer the office chair to the ejector seat, but you think you're just the right person for us? Then we should definitely get to know each other, even if your name isn't Maverick.

Dual study program Business Information Systems (B. A.)

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