Sustainable procurement in SAP

Sustainable procurement as an accelerator of your purchase-to-pay processes

In today's world, the potential of national and global supply chains no longer lies solely in the technical mapping of goods availability and transportation, but increasingly in planning, implementation and reporting to improve sustainability. With sustainable supplier management, for example, relationships with company suppliers can be specifically controlled and optimized with regard to environmental, technical and economic aspects. CLC xinteg has developed a lean and modern solution for mapping in SAP.

In cooperation with the internationally active business consulting company ORBISwhich advises and supports international corporations and medium-sized companies in various IT areas, the SAP add-on CLC-PADD® Supplier Sustainability+ was developed through a use case. The easy-to-implement application is the ideal solution for a large number of complex requirements that should ideally be mapped as part of supplier management.

Effective, transparent and legally compliant supplier management

The focus here is on the integration of a Sustainability-oriented supplier management in SAP, the main focus is on requirements can be specifically combined with each other. In addition to legal framework conditions (such as supply chain laws), an environmental review or footprint management with regard to C02, H20 and energy (including KPI monitoring), the following can be implemented

certificate management as well as the interests of all stakeholders. into SAP in one place.

Supplier cockpit as an important focus instrument

At included dashboard all the information that is important for decisions can be displayed in a matter of seconds, Filter information and at a glance. And with the certificate management including the Interface to the supplier portal CLC xinteg customers always have an overview of the current status of their own supply chains. This means they are always equipped to make efficient and legally compliant procurement decisions - from audits to crisis management.

The CLC xinteg solution

Compressing complex content as comprehensibly as possible enables users and decision-makers to continuously improve productivity. This is what the entire CLC-PADD® SOLUTION SUITE stands for, which offers an answer to the challenges of modern, sustainable supplier management with the SAP add-on CLC-PADD® Supplier Sustainability+. This allows you to map the footprint, the key figures of the procured materials and your products with modern and intuitive business apps - an efficient, scalable hybrid solution that impresses.

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Further information

May 7, 2024

Webinar: Simplify Sustainability

Sustainability solutions from SAP usually seem too complex, too granular or too holistic for your own individual use case. But it can also be simple: In this webinar, CONSILIO and CLC show how you can keep an eye on master data, operational ERP processes and relevant certificates via a cockpit function in your sustainability initiative - and optimize your operational processes at the same time.

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