Webinar: Chemicals & Hazardous Materials Management in SAP - Simple, Flexible and Compliant


Chemicals & Hazardous Substances Management in SAP - Simple, Flexible and Compliant

In the webinar, you will learn how quickly and easily products, studies or specifications from a wide variety of data sources and responsibilities can be easily merged in an SAP system - with modern and intuitive business apps. And all this while taking regulatory matters and product conformity into account.  

The webinar has already taken place (approx. 30 minutes) 

Further information

Using the practical example of a large German specialty chemicals company, you will learn how quickly and easily you can modernize your daily processes. Around the topics

  • Hazard & Risk Management and the Intelligent Management of Toxicology Studies,
  • Regulatory Affairs & Compliance Engineering in the environment of REACH, REACH-UK, KKDIK etc.
  • and Product Data Management.

Who should attend?
Product Stewards, Hazard & Risk Managers, Compliance Engineers or decision makers and driving forces from the chemical and pharmaceutical industry, with responsibility for regulatory affairs and product conformity

After the webinar, you'll know ...
- how your products, study reports or specifications can be designed in a user-friendly and flexible way with the help of intuitive apps,
- How to cleverly and clearly manage the assurance of regulatory requirements in the environment of REACH, KKDIK, etc.
- and how to take your product data management to a new level by taking a holistic view of substance data, sensitive documents and business processes.

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