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Fiori app, but how? Fiori Elements or freestyle development / app generator?

At the DSAG Technology Days - the specialist congress for SAP developers - Ralf Monstadt and Jonas Niedrig spoke on the topic "Fiori app, but how? Fiori Elements or Freestyle Development / App Generator?". The presentation was intended to help developers and decision-makers understand what Fiori development options are available and how they can be used effectively for the various use cases in practice. On this day, almost 200 listeners gathered in the auditorium in Düsseldorf to address the question "Fiori app, but how?".

Possibilities of a Fiori app implementation and the selection of the right technology

There are basically different technologies for implementing Fiori apps. "Decision-makers should deal with the question of which is suitable for the specific requirements in detail in advance - if necessary, also with external support," says Ralf Monstadt. There are many simple means of designing applications, such as through the use of Fiori Elements. However, if you look at the requirements in detail, it does require

often more complex solutions, which in turn can only be achieved with freestyle development or an app generator such as the CLCPADD® S Suite+ are to be mapped efficiently.

Fiori Elements

The overview page is based on SAP Fiori elements technology
Fiori Elements is ideal for generating dashboard views quickly and easily

With Fiori Elements, a UI5-based tool set provided by SAP, simple application scenarios can be mapped in SAP. There are no additional licensing costs* for the toolset, and apps can be deployed with minimal programming effort by connecting to a backend system that supports the OData protocol (Open Data). The UI does not need to be developed, but is generated based on annotations in the CDS views. "An optimal way to get a clear view to objects in SAP with little time and programming effort," explains Ralf Monstadt. However, the use of Fiori Elements is not suitable for every use case. For example, not if existing application logic is to be reused, data structures are to be made more complex, or existing dynamic applications (e.g., SAP Folders Management) are to be mapped by Fiori apps. In addition, it is often desired that existing developments can be reused, which is often not possible with Fiori Elements or only possible with increased effort.

*without warranty

Freestyle development

In addition to the use of Fiori Elements, freestyle development is generally used with increasing complexity, since complex requirements can often only be realized with greater effort using Fiori Elements. The advantages of freestyle development include the fact that existing application logic can be reused more easily. This protects existing investments and, when using existing ABAP OO developments, the maintenance effort is reduced accordingly. A disadvantage in freestyle development is that the complete know-how for SAPUI5 development must be built up. This includes the development of the necessary OData services and of course the frontend development in SAPUI5 with JavaScript, which is usually not part of the core competence of SAP developers.

App Generator / Freestyle Development

"In order to reduce the enormous development efforts of a classic freestyle development for complex requirements, we developed the CLC-PADD® S Suite+ - a so-called app generator," explains Ralf Monstadt. With S Suite+, the CDS views have been replaced by customizing. This allows layouts to be controlled by intuitive customizing. A generic ODataService as well as a complete Fiori frontend are already included and can be used without own programming efforts. This means that no extensive know-how needs to be built up and new requirements and processes can be implemented individually within a few weeks and supported with little effort, just as with the best-practices applications of the Mainzer Stadtwerke AG.

Presentation of best practices applications: Mainzer Stadtwerke AG

Mainzer Stadtwerke is currently in the S/4HANA transition - but invested in the implementation of FioriApps at an early stage. "A strategically sensible approach, which pays off in the course of the transition," says Jonas Niedrig. After an extensive evaluation and the search for a suitable development framework for this technology, the choice fell on CLC-PADD® S Suite+. A solution based on the SAP Fiori standard, with which efficient business apps can be created easily and quickly and customized through pure configuration and without programming.

Best Practices Applications

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October 26 2023

Webinar: Fiori Interface for SAP NetWeaver Folders Management

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