Efficient tool management in production

Efficient tool management in production

Production and purchasing managers are often faced with the challenge of not having reliable information about their tools. Necessary information on location, condition, availability and exchange parts is missing or incomplete. This often results in a high level of uncertainty regarding model availability and a lack of cost transparency.

For companies that work with an SAP system, this can be achieved without any major

implement a tool database, which has the following advantages, among others:

  • Overview of all tools
  • Assignment and management of tools according to suppliers, locations and previously defined categories
  • Full transparency of repair data, costs, deadlines and documents for the individual tools
  • Reliable tool management for process owners
  • Overview of all technical specification features required for use in the manufacturing process

A tool database integrated in SAP enables an evaluation of the tool stock, the repair overview and the usage overview. It also provides a solid basis for creating calculations and cost plans. By linking the tool master data with the movement data from logistics, it is possible, for example, to derive the number of shots on the basis of the goods receipts and thus monitor the service life. If a tool is foreseeably no longer ready for use, a repair or scrapping and new procurement can be initiated in good time.

CLC-PADD® tool file - real added value

With the CLC-PADD® tool file, companies can benefit from the advantages mentioned. The tool file enables the management of all relevant tool characteristics as well as the storage of the complete tool documentation in a central location. Since it is an SAP application, integration with standard functions from purchasing, logistics and production is possible in the simplest way.

Flexible customizing allows you to adapt both the range of characteristics and the structure of the folder for document storage to the specific requirements of your company.

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The use of a tool database is also an interesting topic for you? Contact our CLC experts who will be happy to support you with their many years of experience!

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