Cast off! This was the CLC Summer Party 2023

A crew. Beyond the desk.

CLC summer party 2023

If you do a good job, you should be rewarded accordingly. What sometimes sounds like a simple phrase is put into practice at CLC: because we know that special shared experiences not only strengthen team spirit, but also boost job satisfaction. So in 2023 it was once again time to cast off on the IJsselmeer! There has been trusting and open communication between the CLC management and employees since the beginning. And this creates the basis for good, satisfactory and successful cooperation, which has borne fruit in recent years, particularly in terms of company growth and customer satisfaction. It was therefore important to our management to thank our employees accordingly for their cooperation.

Sailing trip on the IJsselmeer
After the CLC Feel Good event in 2021, when the CLC crew set sail in glorious sunshine, the sailing trip in the Netherlands was repeated in 2023. Of course, the entire team had to prove that they worked well together as a crew once again to keep the two-master under control, but they were rewarded with good food, drinks and a unique swimming experience.

A crew. Beyond the desk.
So the CLC flag and sails were hoisted to explore the IJsselmeer in the best weather and calm seas, and together

Pros: Your advantages as an employee at CLC

To have fun. But also to celebrate the successes together. In his speech on board, Christian Bach is certain: "You are the best CLC has." And this is precisely why we are very proud of our employees, who have proven that they are an incomparable crew, not only at their desks but also on the high seas. Like in our video CLC xinteg summer party 2023 to see.


Strong types wanted (m/f/d)

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Your advantages as an employee at CLC

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