BTP-enabled Fiori apps

BTP-enabled Fiori apps: dynamic and digital in the portal

The future belongs to the cloud. The advantages of platform-based process management have now prevailed over security concerns. Advantages such as efficient automation, significantly easier integration of different systems and data sources and flexible scalability speak for themselves.

The Business Technology Platform (BTP) is SAP's pioneering technology platform that brings together data and analyses, artificial intelligence (AI), automated processes and their integration in one place. In order to realize a connection to SAP BTP even in the case of grown corporate structures, a precise analysis is required in advance so that the individual requirements can be created - if necessary also with external support.

CLC xinteg develops BTP-enabled Fiori apps

The requirements were clearly defined in a project managed by CLC xinteg: The The application of a public institution should be digitally mapped in a web-enabled portal. to replace the previously used PDF application forms completely.

In this project, several Fiori apps were developed using the CLC-PADD® S-Suite, which are both in the SAP Cloud Portal as well as in the SAP Work Zone (both on the customer's SAP BTP) were integrated. Special attention was paid to the design of the Fiori apps. User experience and, among other things, by means of dynamic fields and dependent attributes the contents of the previous application forms. Through corresponding validations of the

User input (mandatory field check) it is ensured before the application is sent that all necessary information are available for processing the application.

As soon as the digital application has been sent, a dynamic workflow to process the application directly at the customer's premises. The workflow is individually per application scenario mapped - so that the respective responsible work units can be specifically integrated for review or approval.

Advantages of mapping digital application processes in the BTP-integrated portal

The provision of digital and dynamicThe integration of the application processes in a BTP-integrated portal solution (SAP Cloud Portal Service or SAP Build Work Zone) enables applicants to Simple and intuitive way to submit an application. This ensures satisfaction instead of annoyance with complicated forms and also saves the company or authority additional work. The On-the-fly validation of user input as well as the Dynamic control of order processing about individual workflows sustainably reduces sources of error and minimizes the time required to process applications.

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