EEG request processes in the SAP system

From the field: How EEG inquiry processes can be mapped in the SAP system

The Renewable Energy Sources Act (EEG) poses major challenges for energy suppliers and grid operators. In particular, the mapping of customer applications for the connection and commissioning of an EEG generation plant can be complex. To ensure that the legal requirements are met not only in the theoretical process but also in practice, simplifying the mapping of these processes in SAP helps enormously.

CLC xinteg has implemented an SAP add-on for a large grid operator in the Saarland region of Germany that eliminates the need for manual administration and maps all requests for EEG generation plants in the in-house SAP system.

EEG: Legally binding basics for grid operators

Particularly important for energy companies: The Renewable Energy Sources Act includes a special provision for the priority connection of RE plants is provided for. In concrete terms, this means that grid operators can use these plants to "immediately" have to connect to the network (§ 8 EEG). Furthermore, grid operators are obliged to Processes for making connection requests as well as

EEG request processes in the SAP system

to the required Digitize information exchange. This also includes the provision of web portals for the application by the end customer himself.

In addition, network operators must use the Format and the Contents of the information and web portals as far as possible. This also affects a CLC customer who, as a network operator for municipal and community utilities as well as industrial customers located in Saarland, is affected by the regular changes in the law and has to implement them internally accordingly. 

This is how the project was implemented at the customer

The Saarland grid operator was confronted with a large number of applications for new installations, expansions or dismantling of EEG generation plants of private end customers. The "flood" of applications was almost impossible to handle due to the manual procedure and the associated workload for the clerks. The solution proposed by the CLC experts: Digitizing and simplifying these processes with the help of modern Fiori apps in the network operator's in-house SAP system. And this despite the fact that the SAP standard does not offer a solution for this.

The SAP IS-U module is mainly used in the energy supplier and network operator industry. The integration of data from external sources was also a necessary prerequisite for mapping the EEG application and approval processes. At the customer's site, a fully digitized process, from the Data entry in the web portal by the end customer itselfuntil the automated creation of a suitable transaction in SAP.. In this way, in addition to managing the flood of applications, it is also possible to comply with the legal requirements.

Digitization of EEG inquiry processes

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