Configure SAP master data requests easily

This is how any master data requests can be configured quickly and easily

With the SAP Add On CLC-PADD® S Suite+, simple and complex master data applications can be configured independently as modern SAP Fiori apps. These business apps are intuitive to use and can be used on any end device, be it PC, tablet or smartphone, thanks to SAP UI5 technology.

Thanks to this tool, it is thus possible to design any application form in the form of guided applications that assist the applicant in entering data, with a look and feel that is perfectly tailored to the user. A wide variety of design options are available for this purpose.

Manage master data with Fiori apps

Whether intelligent checklists, data cockpits, context-specific information texts or even input aids and default values: all these components can be integrated into the apps. Important accompanying documents can be added to the applications via drag-and-drop. Flexible workflows and process patterns are directly available for the approval and review of master data in this early phase. The CLC-PADD® S Suite+ also offers a user-friendly visualization of the workflows and shows not only the processing history but also the 

Manage master data applications intelligently
Application processes can be configured quickly and easily without programming.

further steps of the application processing. After processing, the master data can be created automatically on the basis of the data entered in the form, if desired. The application is linked to the master data so that the entire processing history is transparently available at all times.

Why a digital application system is essential for master data

Improving the quality of their master data remains a key priority for most companies. For example, a recent survey by Gartner Research shows that many companies believe poor data quality is responsible for losses averaging $15 million per year.

Chaotic master data is often the result of inadequately defined responsibilities and unclean processes. In the worst case, everyone is allowed to feed their own required data into the ERP system and does not even have to worry about ensuring that information that is mandatory for other departments is also entered correctly and that relevant accompanying documents (such as certification certificates) are stored transparently. The result: incomplete as well as incorrect data and - due to the resulting poor retrievability of master data - historically growing duplicates.

High costs are incurred in particular due to the time-consuming reworking of master data,

Design master data applications cleverly with SAP Fiori apps
One Tool - any Process! With CLC-PADD® S Suite+, any application can be configured quickly and easily.

which is mandatory for many SAP customers, especially in the context of the digital transformation of their system landscape to S/4HANA. Many companies therefore rely on dedicated application management for master data based on forms, usually as Excel or Word documents, and master data managers responsible for processing them. But even these "paper processes" harbor some disadvantages. The mass of office forms is often difficult to use and leads to long processing times due to media and system discontinuities.

runtimes - and thus also to slow and inefficient business processes based on this master data. In addition, the applicant not only needs to know who is responsible for further processing of the application, he also cannot view the current processing status of his application. But the person responsible for master data must also check each application without digital support from the SAP system and transfer the data manually.

Master data fast and clean - thanks to SAP integration

For intelligent master data management and efficient processes, companies must first establish clear responsibilities (whether centralized or decentralized). For each data point, there should be a clearly defined group of employees who are responsible for recording and quality. The next step is to replace all isolated applications in the form of tools, templates and forms outside SAP with SAP-integrated applications. This will

eliminates unnecessary system and media discontinuities and avoids redundant data entry. The direct integration benefits from automated validations and duplicate checks. With the help of intelligent workflows, the applications can then be automatically sent for approval to the respective persons responsible in master data management, so that the new master data can then be automatically entered without errors. However, care should be taken to ensure that these applications can be flexibly adapted to changing needs and are also quick and easy to use. This is important in order to reduce inhibitions, avoid costly training measures and relieve the burden on internal IT.

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